Wednesday, June 30, 2004

BotCon 2004


Day 1:
Breakfast dinner, Botcon Exclusive revealed 1
Breakfast dinner, Botcon Exclusive revealed 2
Breakfast dinner, Botcon Exclusive revealed 3
Breakfast dinner, Botcon Exclusive revealed 4 display:
Lukis bros at table w/ Energy Cubes & Unicron Stand
Energy Cube display close-up 1, Brian Energy Cube display
Energy Cube Display close-up 2, Kevin and Brian w/ display
Celebrity Endorsmemnt! Paul Davids G1 story writer and producer, stopped by for a chat, and holds up an Energy Cube (unprompted! :) what a great guy!
once the convention floor had opened

Cool Costumes we saw:
Really cool Autobot that walked by our booth 1, Autobot2, Autobot3, Autobot 4...
Tai from RID cartoon

Okay, so that this page doesn't get too long...! Click here to see a thumbnail link gallery of the rare Transformers toy exhibits! These were located straight across from our table/exhibit and include only a few of the toys that we found fascinating! It included rare Japanese only, European only and other rare collectible figures....

Cool stuff we saw in the TF Art Exhibit.
One of my personal favorites, This was art from the Beast Wars era produced by Mainframe Maximals, Predacons (debuted at a previous Botcon, but very cool, none the less!),
Trailor for MP Optimus Prime with awesome battle damage
original Unicron art, of course we're big fans of this'n too!

Very cool Panels and Guests!
Dreamwave gang signs autographs, Pat Lee, Don Figueroa, Brad Mick, Adam Patyk, Brad Mick and Adam Patyk,

During Fumiko Akiama's panel on Japanese TF, one picture really cought my eye. Remember the Deluxe insecticons? Released in 1985 there was Venom, Chopshop, Ransack, and Barrage. Well, the company that produced them also made another 5th "Deluxe insecticon" that was not imported and brought to the U.S. It appears to have been a FEMALE robot that turned into a LadyBug! Picture 1 from his panel and Picture 2. Anyone out there know more about this toy?

K Lukis with Dan Gilvezan, the voice of G1 Bumblebee
Peter Cullen gets standing ovation!
Peter Cullen, having a great time at his panel!

Bob Prupis and Alison Segebarth These two were largely responsible for the TF phenomenon of the 1980's... great panel

WRITERS PANEL! What an awesome treat, listening as they discussed all the things they remembered, the things they didn't... This was a great panel. From Left to right: (Wally Burr (voice director for all G1 TF shows), Bryce Malek (story editor, handled continuity for all G1 cartoons), David Wise (wrote many of the best shows of TF Season 1 & 2 ie. Key to Vector Sigma...), Flint Dille (story writer editor for TFTM and G1 season 3, post moive, one of the REAL creators of Unicron!), and Paul Davids (production coordinator all G1 episodes starting late season 1 and on).

Peter Cullen: "Megatron Must Be Stopped..."
Peter Cullen, doing Ironhide, "...Leakin' Lubricant!"

On leadership (and Ironhide)
asked if he ever forgets how to do the voices of OP or IH?
what would Ironhide say if he were here today?
"...'til all are one!"
... it affected me ...
... Ironhide from the south ...
on the popularity of Optimus Prime
people recognize me as Optimus Prime?!?
Peter Cullen, in live action movie?

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