Sunday, April 12, 2009

Derrick Wyatt IMterview part 2

The following is a continuation of a few IM conversations, outlined in the Derrick Wyatt interview Part 1, now linked to in the Events and Interviews section of

me: Speaking of awesomeness, now that we've seen and heard him in action, let's go back and talk (my favorite) Perceptor! God, I love him!!!
derrickjwyatt: Did you hate the voice?
me: No, but I'll admit it took a little getting used to.
derrickjwyatt: You can't deny, it is the total embodiment of intelligence. My theory is that he deleted his emotions and personality to make room in his hard drive so he could be even smarter.
me: SWEET! I wasn't expecting that cool of an explanation! Now, I officially and thoroughly dig the voice! Thanks for the background and for treating this character, in particular, respectfully!
derrickjwyatt: I try!
me: Will we ever hear Wheeljack speak? Or see his alt mode?
derrickjwyatt: Not in season 3. To both.
me: Damn.
derrickjwyatt: I thought of it like Wheeljack is the mechanic who builds what Perceptor designs.
me: Very cool. He's definitely another fan favorite.
derrickjwyatt: Just a couple episodes away from the Jet twins.
me: Can't wait! So what are you working on right now?
derrickjwyatt: Wow, we just finished doing sound/fx for the Waspinator episode. I'm REALLY happy with how that turned out!
me: Predacons Rising?
derrickjwyatt: Yeah.
me: Oh Lord! The return of Waspinator, written by Beast Wars authors, Bob Forward and Larry DiTillio! Be still my rejoicing heart! I can't wait!
me: OUTSTANDING April fools day picture by the way! Thanks to you, after all these years, I'm finally going to have to cave in and pay a $1,000+ on that ugly brick of a Transformer, Grandus!

derrickjwyatt: I think he would make a great vinyl toy!
me: Ha! he'd make a great doorstop! :) I love your take on Huffer and Pipes, great stuff. I can just hear ole-Huffer complainin' away! Speaking of complainin', since this interview pt. 1 was posted, boards have been filled with fan displeasure for lack of screen time for Stryka's "Team Charr" and Rodimus crew. So, we're really not going to see Rodimus in vehicle mode in TFA cartoons?
derrickjwyatt: Um, what's the next question?
me: ...
me: Your drawing/model is the bomb!
derrickjwyatt: Actually, that was done by Byron Penaranda.
me: Botanica is not going to be in TFA is she?
derrickjwyatt: Oh, come on, you're not a Botanica hater are you?
me: Hey, I absolutely love the writing of Marty Isenberg including Beast Machines. But with all due respect, a techno-organic plant-bot that transforms into a techno-organic battle plant thing? No, I'm not a "Botanica hater," but I don't count her among my favorites. I'd have liked her more, if they hadn't forced the issue of her being a love interest for Rattrap.
derrickjwyatt: I wanted to have her on the council in season 4.
me: Okay, you got me. That's a very cool idea.
derrickjwyatt: I wanted to get more females in too.
me: Females: YES! Please! MORE! (However)
Anthropomorphized romantic robot love stories? (IMHO) Please skip, thank you! That's my 2 cents for what it's worth (admittedly, = nothing! :)
me: Cassette formers? Tap Out? I'm guessing: not in?
derrickjwyatt: Some in some out, Tap-Out was in the dojo.
me: More Spittor? (Sweet colors btw!)
derrickjwyatt: Spittor or Slapper?
me: DOH!!! I can't believe I didn't catch that! AWESOME! Ah-HA, so THAT is your R.I.D. reference! Very Cool.
derrickjwyatt: Wait, that was Heavy-Load!
me: Heavy-Load? OH!!! SWEET!
derrickjwyatt: This was done by Irineo Maramba. ...I found we put Heavy-Load in the dojo as a hologram bust, so I colored him normal yellow, and I thought we could use him, to show that there is someone from Car Robots in the show.
me: what's "dojo?"
derrickjwyatt: The dojo where Prowl trained, in "5 Servos of Doom."
me: Goodness gracious, I have to go back an re-watch that one a couple times! And here I thought I was a pretty astute observer! DOH! (Again!)
me: Okay, so back to I the very large topic of "all that I don't know." Are we going to see Shockwave in his (purple) "true colors," (as you put it), now that his secret is out?
derrickjwyatt: Next question!
me: ... Was Lugnut originally cast as Shockwave? I always wondered that, since historically there just aren't that many one-eyed purple Decepticons.
derrickjwyatt: Nope. Lugnut has five eyes.
me: Hahaha! I wasn't counting those two pairs on each side! Got me again!
derrickjwyatt: I don't think that we knew Shockwave was going to be in it from the beginning.
me: So are the Constructicons gone for good? I thought for sure when Dirtboss jumped on Scrapper's head they were going to UNITE!
derrickjwyatt: ...I wouldn't say they are gone for good.
me: A lot of people have asked if Rodimus and his crew died. Can we assume that they all lived after Stryka and her team departed Charr?
derrickjwyatt: Yes. All Rodimus Prime's team survived.

me: Where is Sari? There's been no sign of her the last few eps. I miss her. What up with that?
derrickjwyatt: Certain parties decided they wanted less of her this season. She'll be back for Human Error and after.
me: Hey, thank you for sharing all of these AMAZING images! Fantastic stuff! Wait now ... SPRINGER?!?! Outstanding! Will we see him in Season 3?
derrickjwyatt: Just as a bust in the dojo...

me: Are we going to get any sense of resolution to where all the couple thousand protoforms went after Lockdown's stint in 5 Servos of Doom?
derrickjwyatt: If you've seen all of TFA season two, it is possible to figure it out from that alone.
me: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????
Hm, I'm going to have to think about that... Starscream clones??? ...long pause... Givin' me the silent treatment on that one, huh!? .... Hm... I was interested (in interview part 1) when you called the black/purple Starscream, "the coward Starscream" and not "Skywarp." What do you call the Female Starscream behind the scenes? Is she the part of Starscream that would make a good leader? >> His feminine side! :)
derrickjwyatt: Oh, these questions are too tricky to answer. There is an idea for the name, but I don't know if I can reveal it.
me: Dirge?
derrickjwyatt: No.
me: Will we see more of her? (You're the one that told me I could ask tougher questions! Haha!)
derrickjwyatt: I did?
me: I'm certain if it. So will we see more of her?
derrickjwyatt: Yeah, so, what's the next question again? :)
me: Alrighty then! Moving right along. ...You can call him the liar starscream, but I'm going with Ramjet. Every time I hear him, I laugh. I can't get enough!
derrickjwyatt: Okay, you can if you want to, I won't say you are wrong.
me: He's hilarious! What, you don't care for Ramjet?
derrickjwyatt: I have no problems with Ramjet.
derrickjwyatt: My original idea was that the more time the clones are online, the more different they become from Starscream. They sort of evolve.
me: Wow, cool. Will we get to see said evolution in play?
derrickjwyatt: Hmm. I don't know, it didn't really play out the way I had thought of it happening. So they may change a little, but they don't really truly evolve into their own beings. They are still just that personality fragment of the original Starscream.
me: As well as these characters are written, this is the one time (Unlike that definitely-not-my-favorite Classics mold) when I will NOT mind a bit if Hasbro makes 15 different recolors of that voyager toy... I need my own Transformers Animated seeker army!
derrickjwyatt: Yeah! Me too! The Sunstorm toy looks amazing! He has the most accurate color of any of them so far.
me: Are we going to see any more Dinobots in Season 3? If not, I need to start mourning! That little glimpse of them watching the Constructicons explode over lake Michigan was insufficient for my needs.
derrickjwyatt: Yes, the Dinobots will be back. I don't think they have an episode centered around them though.
me: Would you be willing to provide us a complete list of episode titles for Season 3? Is that too revealing?
derrickjwyatt: Let's see. Let me look.
derrickjwyatt: What are we up to? Predicons Rising?
Then, Human Error, parts one and two
me: Ah, just to hear "Predacons Rising" makes my adrenaline flow!
derrickjwyatt: It's the climax of the Wasp trilogy.
me: The most thorough and outstanding Transformers origin story ever told! Ho-HA! All that love for the pee-on of Beast Wars! I always loved Waspinator! And now, how can we not love him that much more with all his tragic background?! ...
derrickjwyatt: Then "Decepticon Air"
derrickjwyatt: "This Is Why I Hate Machines"
derrickjwyatt: "Endgame" parts one and two.
derrickjwyatt: And that's it!
me: End Game pt. 1 and 2 are season 3 finale?
derrickjwyatt: Yeah, season three finale.
me: Okay so let's review.

Season 3 = 13 "episodes"
1-3 Transwarped
4: Three's a Crowd
5: Where Is Thy Sting?
6: Five Servos of Doom
7: Predacons Rising
8-9: Human Error (pts 1-2)
10: Decepticon Air
11: This Is Why I Hate Machines
12-13 Endgame, parts 1 and 2

As they say, "Nothing lasts forever." I fully plan to enjoy the Transformers Animated ride while it lasts. Speaking of not lasting forever, athough I could talk to you for hours on end, so too must this interview! Thank you for taking time to connect with us and fandom! Thanks for bringing all your Transformers expertise to the series and all the memories this outstanding show will provide. It has been a real pleasure chatting with you. Take care of yourself Derrick, and be in touch!
derrickjwyatt: Thanks, same to you too.

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Dom said...

Great interview. Thanks for all the fun you injected into TFA Derrick. Hope your talent and the TF franchise continue for years to come in whatever format.

Anonymous said...

Is there a reason why all the questions in the interview are close-ended and merely directed at future story plots? It's almost like reading a checklist: Sari? No. Rodimus? Pass. Stryker? No. etc.

Feels like a chance for getting a more insightful idea of the developer's thoughts(e.g the bit about Perceptor, the Seekers) behind the series was passed up here.

Squashua said...

It's peon, not pee-on.

Jason said...

Next time you chat with DW, could you ask him if he knows anything about widescreen DVD releases please?

skendall said...

How can the series end after season 3???? This is way too short. How do we get a 4th season.