Thursday, May 1, 2008

Botcon 2008, part 2

Starting with pictures, Click HERE to see photo galleries taken by Lukis Bros 2&3.
The first two (horizontal) rows are from the Hasbro display case, Robot Heros, Mini-con packs, Classics/Universe and Transformers Animated.

The first two pictures included the 3rd row are of the Voice Actor panel
Bumper Robinson: voice of Blitzwing, the news reporter and Bumblebee
David Kaye: Voice of TFA Optimus Prime and Grimlock
Tara Strong: Voice of Sari
The 4th picture in the 3rd row shows me and my brother J, talking with Marty Isenberg.
Remaining pictures are fairly self-explanatory, more pictures from the convention show floor, a few from the Casino Night Auction and us in Cincinatti.

Next up, let's talk about the Cartoon Network Panel. My laptop is usually quite reliable, but this time, for some bummer of a reason, it crashed mid-way through the panel. Although I lost a good deal of terrific notes, fortunately, I did get it back online in time to write some pretty choice pieces. Here are some excerpts:

Sitting in on this Transformers Animated (TFA) Panel were:
Derrick Wyatt, TFA Art Director
Marty Isenberg TFA lead writer
Matt Youngberg, Creative Director Cartoon Network

Q: Any chance we’ll see Unicron in Transformers Animated?
A: Matt: you can never do better than the original movie, so I wouldn’t want to do Unicron in TF: Animated

Q: Who are your favorite your favorite characters?
Marty Isenberg: I really liked Wreck-Gar, and I also really like writing Starscream
Matt: I love how Bumper does Bumblebee
Derrick: my favorite character not in show yet, but he’s voiced by Fred Williard. (Hm, now who could that be?!)

Q: When asked about Blackarachnia, having a helmet
A: Marty answered that it was art dept. creative license showing the Blackarachnia helmet aboard the Decepticon ship in “Along Came a Spider”

Q: What’s up with all the 1970’s styling! (We love it!)
A: Marty: In the 22nd centryry, retro 70’s is going to be the style. We started developing the visual style. Everything in Detroit and we just fell in love with the look. Well, that and
Derrick: I’m addicted to Game Show Network! With all their 1970’s classic re-runs… I started noticing all those crazy styles and just figure I had to find a way to work it in. Thus was born the “suit” of Promethius Black!

Q: About casting (of TF roles)
A: Marty: Cast was set before I became involved. I had no say in the beginning. Now we’ve developed this huge laundry list of characters want to use. Part of it is want op pay homage but also wanted to bring in new aspects and bring in the best from over the years.

Q: All the G1 references are GREAT! Who do we thank for doing all their homework?
A: Derrick did his homework! And a lot of it!

Q: Will other 2 dinobots ever be brought on board? Will Slag/Swoop ever get speaking lines?
A: Marty: probably not. For simplicity sake doubt we’ll see the others talk.
A: Derrick: My dream cast member for Slag would be Louis Anderson!
Q: Someone shouted, “you mean Snarl?”
A: Derrick: Hey, he’ll always be SLAG to me! (Crowd erupts w/ applause!)

Q: Is the Allspark case still going to be featured?
A: Marty: Hm, yes it’s a good carrying case for allspark fragments.

And finally, here are a few sample videos from the Transformers Animated, Voice Actor Panels. the first below shows Bumper Robinson doing Blitzwing. He was asked to recite some Blitzwing lines. He did a few (what he could remember) then said "If you want more, you'll have to watch the show!"

Then, here is David Kaye, acting out a golf game between Beast Wars Megatron and TF: Animated Optimus Prime

Last but not least, my brother asked if the trio of voice actors could act out a scene where Blitzwing, Optimus and Bumblebee buy Sari an ice cream cone! This is sheer ad-lib comedy brilliance folks! :)

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