Thursday, December 11, 2008

Transformers Team Interview; October 10, 2008

Lukis Bros and Site Administrators were thrilled with the opportunity to participate in a question and answer session with the Hasbro: Transformers Team recently. Wo-hoo! There's good news and bad news contained below! Read on to learn what we asked and how they responded.

Perceptor (and his 6-year old daughter!) asked Q1: Can you tell us about your plans to produce female character toys for Transformers, especially including SARI but we’re also interested to hear about your plans for Arcee and Genaral Strika (as well as human figures such as professor Isaac Sundac, Capt. Fanzone and super-human villans like the Angry Archer.

Arcee is a fan favorite character and will become more fleshed out in the upcoming season of TF Animated. We have a toy planned for her as well. No Plans for Strika right now. As for the humans, as much as we would all want an Angry Archer figure, there are no plans to produce the humans

Sabrblade asked Q2: I’d like to know more about what else is planned to commemorate Transformers 25th Anniversary. Will there be more "completely show-accurate" versions of characters from past lines like cartoon accurate Universe Deluxe Starscream figure or other “Masterpiece” figures?

We are looking at releasing another Masterpiece figure in the US in Fall 2009, but are not ready to make an announcement yet. Also we are glad you liked the new version of Starscream. I think that we are looking at each character individually and deciding how we want to handle it. But there might be a few more suprises for you in 2009. (Jason) asks Q3: Can you tell us about the Transformers Animated Constructicons making their way to toy form: size, price point, potential release date, will they interact/unite in anyway?

Contrary to popular belief, we have no concrete plans for Animated Constructicon Product. Any drawings that support evidence otherwise are merely situational design explorations in the event that we one day decide to do them.

Knightwing asks Q4: I would like to ask how many more figures are planned for Transformers Animated as a way to see if Animated is officially an “ongoing” series? In other words, does Hasbro have plans to evolve it into something else; in the way that Armada became Energon which became Cybertron which was phased out in favor of Classics…? We hope not, we love Aniimated and would like to see it stick around for awhile!

We look at Transformers Animated as its own thing, so if the story evolves it will likely still be called Transformers Animated, and maybe have a sub-name. Hasbro plans to continue with the Animated toys throughout 2009 as we anticipate the series continuing on Cartoon Network throughout the year.

Byrerprime asks Q5: Is Transformers going to offer "Comic Book Packs" similar to Star Wars and G.I. Joe, where a classic figure is packaged with a reprint of a pertinent comic?

We have begun to do this with some exclusives. There are one or two coming out this fall, but will likely be at a higher price point than the SW and Joe packs since our figures are so much bigger. I know one is a Voyager and Deluxe packed with a comic.

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