Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hasbro Q&A 06/04/09, Question 1:
In a previous Q&A, you told us that Rodimus Prime would still get the Transformers Animated toy treatment. We are wondering if you could expand on your plans for Transformers Animated toys through 2009 and 10. Are you still going to produce and sell toys like Animated Arcee, Electrostatic Soundwave, Rodimus Prime, Blackout and that underwater Bumblebee toy (and others)? When might fans expect to see them in stores?

Hasbro, Response 1:
There are several unreleased Animated figures that have been shown at various events or in publications over the past few months. We realize there is a lot of excitement surrounding these characters and will try to bring as many to market as possible over the next year, either as part of the existing mainline assortments or as exclusives. We cannot offer details as to where or when, but they will find their way out., Question 2:
We cannot wait for Revenge of the Fallen! Are there any characters that will appear in the film that have not yet leaked onto the internet? And if so who are they!? (Like Wheeljack for instance?) As an addendum to this question, any chance you could you provide us some photos before they show up on some random chinese auction website?

Hasbro, Response 2:
We have to say that we certainly share your frustration with the constant leaks!

With that said, you will just have to stay tuned to see if there are anymore characters that are announced. We have to keep some secrets in the vault!, Question 3:
According to the press release regarding the development of a new television network; a collaboration between Hasbro and Discovery Communications: "Creative work will start in the next few months beginning with early stage development for properties including ...TRANSFORMERS... The creative team will have the capability to produce animated, live-action, and game show programming as well as content designed for digital and mobile extensions."

This press release raises dozens of questions for us! Please select one question from those below that you are most willing to answer:

- In general terms, what does this mean for the future of Transformers?
- Any possibility that TF Animated would continue into season 4 on this network?
- What is the soonest that a new Transformers television show could premiere?
- Should fans be expecting another revamp of the franchise fiction?
- Are you considering English dubs of Japanese series such as Headmasters, Victory, Beast Wars II or Neo on this new television network?

Hasbro, Response 3:
With the recent announcement of the Hasbro and Discovery Kids joint venture there will likely be great opportunities for new Transformers animation. Unfortunately, it is a little bit too early to make any announcement on what this may or may not be.

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