Tuesday, February 19, 2008

ToyFair 2008 Report: part 2

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So I got up at 7:30 am (which is probably my least favorite hour of the day because if you wake up early, you can say "oh I've still got XX hours before I have to be awake," and go back to sleep, but 7:30 is just early all around), spent $12 on trains, had one of the best glazed doughnuts of my life, and got lost in New York City. “And for what?” you may ask. Well, let me tell you how it all started…

Human Error and I got in contact the night before the big event in what was probably one of the most awkward phone calls I’ve ever had (never have I known someone so well, and not known them at all at the same time before). We agreed to meet at the Krispy Kreme and then be on our way.

Once this took wind and we bought our pens and paper from a K-Mart that had NO Transformers selection, it was time to get lost in NYC. We crossed a bunch of streets until it was blatantly obvious that we didn’t know where to go. So we asked a couple of police officers… who told us to go the wrong way. Luckily I had the address saved on my phone and we managed to find our way.

Once we were in the convention lobby, something became very clear to us very quickly… I was the youngest person at the convention! This quickly became a joking topic between Human Error and me, Human Error only having a few years on me as it was.
They provided us with bags of popcorn and water bottles. They then told us that the popcorn was not allowed in the theater, so I had to scarf my second bag before entering the contention theater. Mouth full of kernels aside, the entrance was very regal with Darth Vader ushering us in.

G.I. Joe was the first item of discussion and with the new movie on the way they’ve got a pretty strong line up of toys coming out. Then came Transformers… and then went Transformers…

The Transformers section was very quick. They explained the three lines that were going to be available and showed us some figures from all three lines including Animated Jazz and Classics Galvatron (a dream come true: a new mold!).

Human Error and I spent a long time trying to think of questions at Q&A, but the people around us actually asked some pretty good ones. One of which was about the future possibility of more Masterpiece figures. Aaron Archer explained that they had been in touch with TOMY TAKARA about the future possibility of more MPs, but nothing was really in the works as of yet.

I actually asked if there were any possibility of future Titanium and Alternator figures, to which Archer replied by telling me that they acknowledge that the fans were fond of the Alternators line. He then mentioned how there was nothing as of now because they wanted to focus on the three present lines, but there may be something in the future. So the future seems somewhat bright for Alternators, but not once did he mention Titanium… T_T

Stay tuned for Part 3 where Human Error and I take you into the display room where all of our pictures came from. Where we tangoed with a deadly elevator, a GIANT HULK, and a mob of people in the way of taking pictures of Transformers...

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