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ToyFair 2008 Report : part 1

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Human Error
From a run in with Titan of the new American gladiators, to getting trapped in an overloaded elevator, and being under the watchful eye of Darth Vader and his Storm Troopers. TriPredRavage and i had an interesting experience yesterday with Hasbro at their special Collector's Day presentation.

We met up in Penn Station, had a Krispy Kreme donut (its sort of a tradition of mine when i go into the city) and were on out way. First we had to make a stop however. You see, both of us forgot a pad and pen! So, after a quick stop at K-Mart we were once again on our way.

TriPredRavage and I arrived at the theater a little early and were greeted by a very kind usher named Paulet. She informed us that we couldn't enter for about a half hour and that we could go across the street to a hotel lobby and wait. After killing a half hour by geeking out discussing Transformers we made our way back to the theater.

We weren't allowed to bring any recording devices into the theater, but a pen and pad were considered ok recording devices(good thing we made that stop at K-Mart). We soon found out that TriPredRavage's brand new pens didn't work to well, I told him we should have stopped at a bank an swiped one but we did our best to take good notes.

Now onto the meat and potatoes of what all you want!

Throughout the Spring and Fall of 2008 Hasbro plans to "Expand The Brand". What does that mean? Well, that means there are three main segments they're going to focus on. The Movie line, The Animated line, and The Universe line. We were shown many images of the three line's (they are linked below) including our first looks of Animated Jazz and Universe Galvatron. After what seemed like a very brief presentation they moved onto Marvel. We were treated a sneak peak of the new Hulk film and toy line including the Marvel/Transformers Crossover Hulk and Ironman. IMO it looks as though the Hulk Transformer could've been a scrapped Grimlock design

To Be Continued....

Stay tuned for part 2 of our exciting adventure coming soon! Including information on alternators and American Masterpieces! I know the suspense is going to kill you *insert evil laugh here ________

Until then enjoy these wonderful galleries:

Here is a whole Gallery of on site photos from me and here is TriPredRavage's.

Here is a gallery of Hasbro's Promotional Photos they were so kind to provide for us.


**If there are any pics you would like for your very own. Like the stuff that was non transformer related, feel free to shoot me an email at ill me more than happy to share. Hasbro was gracious to provide us with a flash drive loaded with pics of everything we saw there!**

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