Saturday, April 19, 2008

Comic Con 2008: Day 1

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Yo everybody. Comic Con day one has taken place and it was a great time. Transformers didn't have a major turn out today, but there were some pretty awesome things to see still. There were a few memorable moments though, some of which were getting to see the Revoltech Figures on display... that we couldn't buy... I did however manage to find Optimus Prime and Megatron available else where and pick them up. They also had some of the TFA figures on display. There was also this wall scroll... thing... But here it is the glory of all events so far.

If you were around in the days of Beast Wars, you had probably heard of ReBoot. Well, ReBoot co-creator Gavin Blair is at Comic Con this year due to the pending new series. I decided that because ReBoot and Beast Wars were so related of series from Mainframe, I figured he had to have had something to do with Beast Wars back in the day. Well it turns out, he is the guy who MADE the Cheetor character model used in Beast Wars! So I had to shake his hand simply because he created the character that honestly made me a fan of Transformers.

So there it is! The first picture of me on okay, so that's a little cheap, so here it is me with my new hero. Happy Viewing everybody. Hopefully I'll have more to report after tomorrow. Look forward to it!

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